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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | September 29th, 2012

Nut Moon

As we gaze at tonight’s sky, we are reminded of the practical and important meaning behind what the Cherokees referred to as the Nut Moon.

It’s no coincidence that the Native Americans were also known to celebrate this month with the “Brush Feast Festival,” which involved the gathering of fruits and nuts from bushes and trees, using them in nut breads and other foods to be eaten throughout the season. Clearly, there seems to be something we need to consider regarding nuts.

Indeed, as we look out our windows we see the squirrels busy gathering their winter stores as well. In both customs, in the native and natural worlds, the focus is both instinctive and strategic, allowing each community to be prepared for what’s to come.  So how can we take a cue from the humble squirrel, and prepare ourselves in similar ways?  Is it to think ahead? Perhaps. But, I would submit, not at the expense of the present. Therefore, the message for this moon is to appreciate the dynamic and delicate balance between enjoying the present while preparing for the future.

In the fast-forward world we live in, we tend to see only what meets us in the face and much harder to widen the lens and take a larger look. And, there is something practical about that. But, there is a fine line between preparedness and overkill.  What’s essential is to find balance between consciousness and concern. With attention and intention this is something we can learn to master.

So, as we give thanks this harvest season upon us — as we gather our nuts looking ahead — let’s be particularly thankful for what earth has given us and make sure we appreciate it now as we intend to in the future.

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