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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | April 3rd, 2011

Seed Moon

The new moon in April is known in certain cultures as “The Seed Moon,” which I can’t help but liken to thoughts of personal growth and investment, in more senses than one.  Admittedly, with the arrival of tax season, April can be a stressful month for many, for a multitude of different reasons. However, equally, it is a time when we are reminded that there is a reward for the work we’ve put in all year, as well as movement toward our unyielding growth as human beings. For the perspective of both farmers and financiers, this is the time to think of how you will set up this year’s growing season.  One key to doing that successfully, or skillfully, is to anticipate some of the challenges that would otherwise interfere with the health of the seeds you sow.  What are the obstacles, i.e. the pests and climatic conditions that you can prepare for? How will you handle them when they inevitably appear? Will you make the most of the pressure that you will face, or will you succumb?

Indeed, pressure is a reality that we all must face from time to time, and can even prove to be constructive or beneficial. However, chances are, we are all too familiar with its malicious cousin, chronic stress.  Although pressure can motivate us to perform to our fullest capacity, chronic stress reflects the fear that we will not be able to achieve something that we need to do; whether expected of us or that we expect of ourselves.  Some of these fears are based in a real situation, while others may actually be triggered by projected anxiety, i.e. an association of a previous feeling or experience. In either case,  the stress for each instance is equally potent.  In turn, we must understand the nature of these challenges, whether they come from the outside or within, and focus not on the obstacles in our way, but on the opportunity to embrace and preserve our wellness through the storms. With products like those on CBD Shop UK, it is indeed now possible to persevere against such challenges.

Wherever stress lives, it is easy to slip into bad habits that will push our bodies out of balance and make us vulnerable to illness, including sleep and eating disruption, high blood pressure, headaches, migraines and depression, simple colds and dreaded cancers.  With so much on our minds, it is easy to put our health on the backburner, yet year after year we suffer from taxation, a clear sign we may still be stuck in a rut.  Instead, we should be taking the initiative and move beyond this particular and predictable blight.  We can release ourselves of this cycle by thinking about how to unearth the fears we associate with taxes and stress, and instead come to terms with way we are asked to share our bounty and concentrate on true abundance—the path that will truly release us from all anxiety about the future. Ultimately, that is the spirit behind the most important seed we might plant at this time. For those who want to escape from this stress, they can relax on sites like 겜블시티 슬롯.

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