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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | November 28th, 2012

Snow Moon

As nature billows forward through late fall, and we peer into the onset of a vast and powerful winter, it’s no coincidence that a moon known in some cultures as the Tree Moon casts its shadow over the recent events shaping our environment.

In fact, I heard a staggering discussion recently that put this reality into context.  As it turns out, between the massive effects of Hurricane Sandy and the nor’easter that trailed closely behind, the New York Metropolitan area lost 10,000 trees in total, most of them mature and healthy.

But this unfortunate loss of life comes on the heels of another culture’s moon, the Snow Moon, a reminder of the soothing blanket of frost slated to descend upon us as the days get shorter and the air gets crisper.

The Snow Moon is a reminder of the balance of forces that make up life and to respect and acknowledge how nature maintains a delicate balance, even in the wake of short term disasters.  Often we find ourselves situated right in between the extremes. Indeed, it is during those periods that we have a treasured nook of time to organize our approach to living and prepare for the busy period ahead, as well as to note, experience, learn and grow from the joy and pressure that often come in tandem.

In these last days of November, as we usher in the final weeks of 2012, take it all in and mostly, experience the wonder.

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