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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | June 15th, 2011

Solstice Moon

Previously, we discussed the excitement of the summer solstice and the energy the sun brings to us.  Look around you, it is here and now is the time to celebrate and embrace the warmth and energy of the sun.

As most people know, the summer solstice identifies the moment when the sun appears at its most northern point. But, the etymology of the word, solstice, had a deeper meaning to the Romans who coined the phrase. Here, sol (sun) and stice (standing still) indicate that this is the time when the sun appears to stand still. Indeed, the sun actually comes to a stop at its northernmost point before reversing direction, and with that, the tangible source of light-energy on the planet pauses for a moment so we may take the time to see it fully, to appreciate its strength. I ask you to stop and take a minute to feel the celestial forces that are pulling and pushing at us.  It’s invigorating and a time when we should marvel at the rich pageant of life and color that the sun brings and soak up the energy ourselves to fully feed on it as well.

Imagine what we could do if each of us fully embraced nature’s energy and applied it to how we approach the goals in our lives, living more in alignment with nature’s rhythms and cycles. Taking advantage of nature’s gifts makes sense on many levels and, ultimately, is essential to any hope for enlightenment, not to mention basic health. Indeed, the muscular energy of this moment can uplift us. For me, the summer solstice is a reminder to look up.

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