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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | March 19th, 2011

Spring Moon

As we set our clocks forward and watch the days grow longer, we can now rejoice and truly step into spring.  While transition is powerful and essentially consistent, one cannot deny that in this moment of the vernal equinox, spring has truly arrived, and that we have earned the right to finally shed the anticipation of an imminent and uncertain shift and embrace it fully.

Of all the seasons, the arrival of spring is perhaps the most dramatic, as the colors and activity in nature contrasts so steeply with the darker and more still period before it. It is especially during this period of growth and movement that we can contextualize the sanctity of nature and its bountiful balance.  Although it is easy to allow the weather to dictate our mood, and in this case uplift you, I would still encourage you to recognize this time as a period of equal value in the cycles and rhythms that mark the passing of time, and continue to focus your energy on the necessity of orchestrating your own schedule in alignment with nature. In just a few short months, the heat of summer may oppress you. Take the time now, to make the full use of this period without taking it for granted.

Tuning in to this rich and melodic schedule offered by the turning seasons takes us on an empowering journey.  Right now, the full creative energy of the earth is embodied in the spring, and it is ours for the taking.  We are invited whole-heartedly to capture and utilize this energy.  Now is the time, rather than just marveling at and respecting nature’s power, to tap into it.

All winter long, we’ve had the opportunity to formulate our thoughts.  We have been rewarded by the strength and perseverance we’ve exhibited and found solace in our stillness. Now, as the buds begin to blossom and the flowers start to bloom, we too can include ourselves in these growth cycles.  At the onset of this mighty and beautiful trajectory, we can seize this moment to plant our seeds, both literally and figuratively, birthing a lush and inspiring garden of new life.


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