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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | November 11th, 2011

The Moon for Letting Go

Even without the storms, things fall in autumn. And it is a stark reminder, once again, that there is value in the practice of letting go. Further, it’s not unusual that the fall and winter months evoke an even stronger feeling of nostalgia than usual. There is something about the cold, or moreover, the change of seasons as we transition from warm to cold, that moves us. The days of autumn, while often inspirational, force us to consider what we are leaving behind. And as we begin to sense the coming of the seemingly long period of winter that looms ahead, we tend to hold on to the memories of the past. While this is all very natural, and there are reasons for it, many find these days of waning light difficult. Indeed, this is the challenge that our culture, so caught up in the dualistic notions of good and evil, light and dark, hands us. I would suggest considering how life would be different if this set of rules did not apply. What if all things were good, or at least, good things trying to happen?

At this point, try if you can take a look back with joy on the recent summer and relish the time when the trees were full of leaves; and just as importantly, look forward to this winter as the necessary period of restoration that is required for next year’s spring flowers to blossom.  Practice letting fall and summer’s memories go and work on acquiring an appreciation for the winter as a harbinger of the colors that will surely follow, using that as a model for all of your life experiences.

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