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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | August 1st, 2012

The Moon When All Things Ripen

In some cultures, the moon in August is known as The Moon When All Things Ripen, which reminds us that a full season of intention has made its indelible mark yet again. To produce the fruits we are about to enjoy, a whole community of factors are involved. Members of that community include the farmer and the merchants, the truckers and the trustees, even the sun and the rain — as we take our next bite, we must remember how each was necessary. In the end, the roles and titles have very little to do with it.

But in the our modern world power and hierarchy do come into play, adding an unnecessary ingredient to the mix. Profit has superseded the value of cooperation. And survival is often threatened by greed. The imbalance caused in the name of civilization is a paradox, one we need to reevaluate. While some may find comfort in a pecking order and the security that can be afforded when cooperation is chief, corrupt systems fail us on many levels. Sure, it is nice to be led and served, but only when the leadership is worthy. At other times, it is essential that we regain the spirit of the circle gatherings from days gone by and remember and value each member of the community that contributes to our ripening.

As we welcome the final full summer month of August, I encourage you to also welcome the return of the circle gatherings, where we sat facing each other, and move toward greater respect for all people and all things. Indeed our existence and our future survival depends on it.

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