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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | February 23rd, 2020

Viruses of the 21st Century

The dictionary has 2 definitions of the word virus. The first refers to a subset of infectious diseases, an aspect of life on this planet that has existed and challenged us for eons; and the second, clearly a more recent development, describes infecting computer code that can corrupt the system or destroy data. You can readily see the connection here. Old or new, humans have been plagued with viruses from the beginning. Indeed, the recent escalation of concern as a result of the Coronavirus forces us once again to face the fact that our survival is always in question, and to the extent we bear responsibility for the evolution of these epidemics, we are also required to examine how our behavior is exacerbating the threat.

The importance of this undertaking has as much to do with how we respond to being infected as to what we can do about minimizing the chance that these concerns will grow and continue to plague us. More to the point that I’d like to underscore in this month’s MoonLetter: the only approach that will work will be one
that addresses them both, at the same time.

And, there’s more. Perhaps even most troubling is what I see circulating in the media now. Other than the obvious and appropriate distribution of information, there is the breeding of two other viruses: Fear and Worry. Indeed, this might be an example of a third definition of the word virus: messaging that is toxic. Simply stated, no matter how powerful the pills you take or how sophisticated the vaccine, the underlying dis-eased states of fear and worry will make it very difficult for you to thrive, even if you do survive. In actually, this is the virus that is currently defining the 21st century and is more widespread and lethal than anything else.

The rampant race in the development of technology and the disregard for the natural world has unleashed all of this. The capitalistic media, supported by the same individuals who want to sell us these products and whatever else promotes their interests, stalk the fire of anxiety and immediately direct us to even more remedies for sale. It’s a vicious cycle and one that will inexorably lead to our peril if we don’t address it all and end these practices.

Certainly each of us needs to learn about how we protect ourselves from immediate threat, and prevent as much disease as we can. But, part of the reason why we continue to face relentless bombardment with viruses has to do with our limited commitment to going deeper into the full extent of our vulnerability. To stop short of that, as we tend to do when we are not vigilant, is part of the plan of the corrupt officials of commercial enterprise; or it is, at the very least, what keeps them in power. It’s time for us to take our power back, as individuals and collectively.

So, what am I suggesting?

Begin with an understanding that viruses have always, and will continue, to exist. It’s not reasonable or good use of our time or energy to think of eliminating them. Instead, our focus should be on building up our immunity in every sense of the word, and working with the environment to make these “infections” less likely to run rampant.

You have a house; you have a body. Restore harmony in your immediate environment first –right thinking, right speech, right action. Focus on the words: peace, love, harmony. Express them with compassionate understanding and treatment of all living things and the planet as a whole. Execute your decisions accordingly. You don’t need to be perfect…. but…. you can do better!

Next, think beyond yourself, and understand what is needed in this world is to stem the tide of corruption and self-serving interests we see in leadership in every institution. Demand integrity; appoint, nominate and support individuals and enterprises who express these ideals. Don’t settle for less. Work with your neighbors in your own community. Communities can work with each other. Eventually a tipping point will be reached. I’d suggest you limit the use of aggression in any form as this is the tool of those you are seeking to replace — if you use it now, even if you feel it is just, that won’t bode well for the time you are sitting at the head of the table. Instead, living a life of blessing, gratitude and joy is the preferred method and practice. With that, we maximize health and vitality, which is the best medicine for a long beautiful future.

In response to the very real existential threat we need to think, feel and believe in a higher state of being, an evolution of consciousness. That is the answer. As an aside, your immune system will love it. And, so will all beings.

Mitakuye Oyasin,

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