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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | January 26th, 2013

Wolf Moon

In many cultures, the full moon in January is referred to as the Wolf Moon.  Not coincidentally, a popular image, one that’s often depicted through illustrations, reveals an energized and powerful silhouette in the night’s light of an animal seemingly wailing at a celestial being that will never answer its calls.

But, interestingly, as we think this through a bit more, we realize that the wolf is not howling at the moon, but at his pack mates. This is their time for communication, when the earth rests still and their voices carry best.  With that in mind, as we ponder this image and consider this time in the cycle of our own lives, in the deep heart center of the winter season, we can easily appreciate how much force it would take to move us from our slumber. Indeed, we need the howling wolf to hear the message…..and, what might that be?

Considering recent events, I think the answer is apparent. As a culture, we must deal with the use of guns and reevaluate the question of civil liberties and rights associated with our laws concerning them. As difficult and contentious a subject as this might be, the wolf howling in our backyard tonight is imploring us to respond and take this on, consider it with the full attention that it deserves and not to fall back into our trenches. No, the time has come to take action and make some adjustments in order to save our pack.

All of that being said, there’s still no simple answer. And I am not going to suggest one here. But, like the members of the pack of wolves, they listen to each other. They couldn’t survive otherwise. And for us too, this is a good time to remember the value of listening and hear what is being said. In order to move forward we need to respect each other and stay together.

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